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Learning a foreign language may not be a “slam dunk”, but with the right team, it is well within your ability. If you have tried to learn a language in the past and have failed, it was probably because you did not have the right people on your team, helping you with every step of your learning journey.
But what if you can learn to speak a new language from people that really care about you? What if learning could be fun? Regardless of your goals, ESO will teach to your objectives. Your instruction will be one on one with a native speaker who is completely invested in your learning

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Spanish Programs

at Easy Spanish Online you can find the right program for you

spanish home school

Spanish for Children

We understand your desire to “home school” your child. We know that no one cares more your child than you. We can help you with the spanish subject, easy and efficiently.

Spanish for travels

If you are planning to visit Latin America some spanish could be a good start. Would you like to have better deals? Would you like visit exclusive places? By speaking Spanish, you can.

Spanish for seniors

The Spanish courses for seniors provided by Easy Spanish Online school are designed for people over 50 years old who wish to learn or improve their Spanish.

How to do it

Our spanish course is the easiest way to learn spanish. Starting a online course with us is so easy. You only need the following steps:

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You can take a free class with us and see how it works.

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  • Testimonials

    Our students say

    I’m greeted by a nice chap by the name of Antonio.  ESO is his baby and he’s got a staff of around 6 teachers working every day.  He offers Spanish and English classes, both at the school, and via Skype video chat for when you go home. (more…)

    - Mick Burton, UK
  • Testimonials

    Our students say

    I am a student learning Spanish with ESO School. They are located in Antigua, Guatemala, but I study with them via Skype. I want to become fluent in Spanish and my motto is “I will learn Spanish or I will die trying”. (more…)

    - Frederick Dischman, USA ,


  • Testimonials

    Our students say

    I studied at ESO in July for two weeks. I was just beginning to feel that maybe I could learn Spanish when it was time to leave. But, there was an option to continue my education with the school – SKYPE… (more…)

    - Therese Frederick, USA ,


Our Staff

Guatemalan teachers are the best!