About us

We are a 100% Guatemalan Spanish school, our school was officially established on August 2006 and we are registered at governmental entities. Our goal is provide the best option to learn Spanish easily and efficiently.

Our teachers

  • Guatemalan teachers with extensive experience in teaching E/LE
  • An university degree
  • 6 years experience as minimum
  • English language proficiency 75%
  • Degree in teaching Spanish as a second language

Our method

  • Communicative approach and natural method
  • Immersion in the L2 Independent learning
  • Motivation, personal relationship with the L2 and conscious learning
  • Language as cultural and communication system

Accreditations Guatemala has procedures to guarantee the legality of institutions and commercial activities. The following institutions regulate activities related to education and CDM meet their legal and technical requirements.

Ministerio de Educacion | Education Board

Leading institution to dictate educational policy of the Republic of Guatemala. CDM is endorsed by the Ministry of Education since 2006.

Universidad Rural de Guatemala

The creation of the Rural University of Guatemala, was authorized on March 28, 1.995, by the Council of Private Higher Education. Have you registered to date to 5.266 students, distributed in various academic centers located in different administrative regions into which divide the country. CDM is endorsed to URURAL since 2007.

Registro Mercantil

Since 1971, the Commercial Register General's Office has the mission of registers, certificates, legal certainty to all acts performing commercial or legal persons. At this institution are entered all domestic and foreign companies, their respective legal representatives, trading companies, sole traders and all amendments of these entities want to join. CDM is endorsed by this office since October 12th. 2006.


The Superintendency of Tax Administration is a decentralized state entity with competence and jurisdiction throughout the national territory, to exercise exclusively the functions of tax administration, contained in legislation. The Institution functional autonomy, economic, financial, technical and administrative and has legal personality, property and resources. CDM is endorsed by this office since June of 2006.

Municipalidad de Antigua Guatemala

Our school facilities have been approved by the municipal government to operate as a school.