Learn spanish in Antigua Guatemala

Why study with us?

Our school is one of the leading Spanish schools in Antigua Guatemala with a wide range of spanish courses and levels to ensure successful learning of the Spanish language while enjoying Guatemala's culture, traditions and kindness. We are a specialized school in immersion Spanish in our headquarter in Antigua Guatemala and also on Skype.

The teaching method of CDM is modeled after the manner that we learned out first language. It is a natural way of learning. The student thinks and talks Spanish from the first day. Taught by teachers with years of experience, the student rapidly acquires an extensive vocabulary, learning to listen, speak through extensive repetition. Conversations ranges through topics such as personal life experience to culture, philosophy, science, politics y metaphysics, naturally pushing the student to a comprehension of the nuances of the language and a more profound understanding of the culture.

CDM is an educational institution whose primary goal is to help people from any country to communicate through the Spanish language. We have the best method, staff and attitude to help you speak Spanish in a few days and without extra effort. We combine the extensive experience of our Guatemalan instructors, customer-oriented service, flexibility and new technologies to bring our customers an incomparable experience.

Our spanish course is constructed around the students' innate abilities. Teachers give all their attention to the student so that progress and the difficulties are closely followed to ensure that the students make the most of your time in Guatemala.

To reach the total immersion, our faculty is guatemalan (teachers and administration both) as well as the lodging with local families who are friendly, communicative, and with the necessary services for your comfort.

Antigua Guatemala, some of our history

Antigua Guatemala is a perfect combination between historical and modern tourist destination. It's a safe place, tourist friendly, easily accesible and with great facilities.

Some history

Antigua Guatemala was the cultural, economic, religious, political and educational centre for the entire region until the capital was moved. Antigua Guatemala is one the earliest and outstanding examples of city planning in Latin America in which the basic grid plan, dating from 1543, has been maintained. Its religious, private and government buildings are outstanding evidences of Spanish colonial architecture in Antigua. The city lay mostly abandoned for almost a century until the mid-1800s when increased agricultural production, particularly coffee and grain, brought new investment to the region. Historical buildings: the Universidad de San Carlos, the Palace of the Captains General, the Casa de la Moneda, the Cathedral, Las Capuchinas, La Merced, Santa Clara, among others.

Churches and monasteries in Antigua Guatemala reflects the influence of the Christian church, during the colonial period, on every aspect of daily life in the city. Barroco antigueño developed in this area, a regional adaptation of the Baroque style designed to withstand the earthquakes common in the region. Over the years, Antigua retained its colonial charm and perfect climate and is today one of Guatemala’s premier tourist destinations. Visitors enjoy shopping at the markets, where they can purchase brightly colored textiles, pottery and more. Many of the old convents and monasteries are still in ruins, but have been made safe for tours.