Frederick Dischman, USA

I am a student learning Spanish with ESO School. They are located in Antigua, Guatemala, but I study with them via Skype. I want to become fluent in Spanish and my motto is “I will learn Spanish or I will die trying”.

I enjoy jokes and know many jokes in English. To practice Spanish, I translate jokes to Spanish. This is fun and helps me in many ways. I am improving my vocabulary, learning sentence structure, improving my ability to conjugate verbs and to decide correctly which tense or mood is appropriate. Perhaps not in every joke, but writing will exercise every facet of grammar. My theory is that if I can learn to write better, I will learn how to speak better, and the more I write in Spanish, the more I will think in Spanish. The key is to write, making your own sentences. You know how to say things in English. How can you convey the same idea in Spanish? I have translated over 140 jokes and probably will have translated many more before I learn Spanish or die trying.