Home stay & other services

We provide more than Spanish lessons to ensure you will enjoy Guatemala. When you enroll in a language course in a foreign country you need also a place to stay and eat as well as very basic services such as connectivity. We also organize some daily activities to make your time here unforgettable.

Home stay

The residences of our families are located 3 or more blocks from the center, as the buildings nearest to central park mainly consist of businesses or offices. (The few houses in the center are typically quite old, with small, damp rooms that receive little natural light, and they usually have antiquated plumbing.) Newer, fairly modern houses have been constructed closer to the perimeter of the town. These families have been in the business for years and they have accommodated their homes for the comfort and privacy of the students. Each family has its own rules and fees, the school only checks the quality of service and payment.

Regular service includes: seven days of accommodation. Three meals a day from Monday to Saturday (Guatemalan menu) , single room, shared bathroom (hot water is available). On Sundays and holidays (December 25th., January 1st., and Good Friday)meals are not served.

Home stay's prices: from $100 to $120 per week.

Food You will find this type of food at home stays: tortillas, bread, rice, meat, chicken, beans, vegetables, fruit, sauces, milk, cereals, etc. Fish/seafood are not common.


A most widely accepted view about language learning is that students should learn a language through the target culture, in other words, learn Spanish is an activity that involves more than studying grammar. At our school you can participate in our program of cultural activities that promote in situ language learning, meaningful communication and vocabulary acquisition in an interesting and fun way. Students can choose and suggest daily activities, these activities take place in the evenings

Afternoon Activities: Trips to indigenous villages, tours to coffee and macadamia nut plantations, Scrabble, guatemalan cooking classes, Salsa & Merengue lessons, soccer & basket-ball, movies, tours to museums, tours to jade factories


Volunteer in Antigua Guatemala: childcare, elderly care, medical, teaching English, construction, etc. We will help you to find a program that suits your needs and interests.


We have a free wifi internet conection at our school: 5 Mbps. You can come at any time -school is open for your convenience from Monday to Saturday, 8:00 to 18:00 -


We offer private transfers to the airport at any time with high quality vehicles. Our service is reliable and affordable: One-way trip cost only $35USD from 1 up to 3 passengers.