Learn Spanish in Guatemala

Learning Spanish in Guatemala is awesome. This is the best place for an Immersion course. A language immersion program is by far the fastest way to learn a foreign language. Full immersion, in a Guatemalan context, has a special meaning. It refers to the fusion of intensive instruction and living with local families, thus the exposure to the language is intensive.

No matter your level, we provide a wide range of Spanish courses and levels so we can ensure your success. The first day, you will have a test. We set a specific plan according to your skills, needs and budget.

The course content has four levels: A, B, C and D. Every level has specific challenges and teachers will warmly help you to overcome the obstacles. Our staff is friendly but professional and serious.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

The plain truth. That is why we combine the formal instruction and outdoor activities around the city. There’s a lot of places to visit and talk about. These field trips help students to use what they learned. Additionally students enjoy the country’s history and nature. In other words, students get involved in the daily life through the language.


Antigua: Some of  history

Antigua Guatemala is a historical but modern destination hence it’s a safe place. Our city is tourist friendly.

Spain conquered and colonized Guatemala in 1540. The conquerors founded Antigua Guatemala in 1580. The city became the cultural, economic, religious, political and educational center for the entire region. A series of earthquakes in 1700 reduced the city to ruins. The local authorities chose a new valley and moved the city.