Our Programs

Tenemos un programa para cada proposito. Nuestros programas estan adaptados a cada edad y necesidad de nuestros estudiantes.
We have organized our course with ACTFL and CFER guidelines. Our program includes several work and grammar books.

The program has four levels: A, B, C, and D. Each level takes normally an average of forty hours of instruction. When students complete the level, students has a test in order to advance to the next level.


Spanish for Kids

We understand your desire to “home school” your child. We know that no one cares more your child than you. However, we know that it is impossible for you, the parent, to be an expert on every subject. Help your child the advantage that knowing another language will bring. Already, there are many Spanish speakers living in the United States. In fact there are now more Spanish speakers living in the United States than Spain or any Spanish speaking country except Mexico. It is easy to foresee that knowing Spanish will be a requirement for many careers.

Allow Easy Spanish Online to affordably help prepare your child for tomorrow’s jobs. Your child will be eager to learn invaluable skills because our teachers know how to make learning fun.

Spanish for travelers


Spanish for Seniors




Our curriculum

Vocales y Alfabeto

Números Cardinales y ordinales

Mini-diálogos, con vocabulario básico

Pronombres personales y posesivos

Palabras interrogativas

Adverbios comunes


Adjetivos y Pronombres demostrativos

Preposiciones comunes: a, en, de, con, sin, etc.

El presente. Verbos regulares e irregulares, usos especiales

Verbos reflexivos

El Pretérito

Verbos regulares

Verbos irregulares

Comparación de adjetivos

Adjetivos indefinidos

El Imperfecto. Verbos regulares e irregulares

Contraste preterito imperfecto

Preposiciones Por y Para

El Futuro. Verbos regulares e irregulares

El Condicional. Verbos regulares e irregulares

Pronombres de objeto indirecto

Pronombres objeto directo

Doble pronombre de objeto

Pronombres Se

El gerundio y los tiempos progresivos

El participio y los tiempos perfectos

Pronombres indefinidos

Gerundio compuesto

Infinitivo compuesto

El Imperativo

Voz activa y pasiva

Tipos de claúsulas

El verbo

El Subjuntivo

Presente de subjuntivo

Presente perfecto subjuntivo

Imperfecto de subjuntivo

Pluscuamperfecto de subjuntivo

Las perífrasis

Expresiones locales