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Spanish for Children

We understand your desire to “home school” your child. We know that no one cares more your child than you. However, we know that it is impossible for you, the parent, to be an expert on every subject.

Some vegan vocabulary

Local vegan (or easy to make vegan) dishes and foods: rice and beans = arroz y frijoles (or gallo pinto) guacamole refried beans = frijoles refritos bread / flat corn bread / flat crispy corn bread = pan / tortilla …

Jokes in Spanish

I just found a page with these simple but graciosos chistes funny jokes: 1. ¿Cómo llama el vaquero a su hija? – ¡Hijaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (How does the cowboy call his daughter? – Eeee – haaa! The joke is based on the …