Joel Quass

My daughter and I traveled to Antigua in April of this year. I had contacted Erick via Email the previous December. He was very helpful and answered all of my questions very honestly. Erick wouldn’t take any money in advance and even arranged to have our teachers meet us at our hotel the first morning to walk with us to the school.

Both my daughter and I found the town of Antigua to be delightful. We felt very safe the entire time we were there. The travel books such as Lonely Planet warn of pick pockets, but we saw no evidence of that. Our visit coincided with Semanta Santa, (Holy Week) and we were part of very large crowds for the daily processions.  We did hire a local guide to take us up to the cross, a short walk outside of town, but we did the rest of our sightseeing with just the local maps. Finding your way around town becomes second nature after a few days.

At the school, my daughter and I each had our own teacher.  Erick matched my daughter Cynthia  with a teacher close to her  age.  Cynthia had taken 3 years of Spanish in high school and two years in college. Her teacher had her reading stories and conversing almost exclusively in Spanish.

My teacher, Arely, has a good sense of humor and was very patient with me as I was new to the language.  I learned many basic concepts. The environment at the school is relaxed, but they are focused on giving you the best possible experience. Everyone associated with the school was professional and very friendly.

I had arranged a trip out to Pacaya Volcano through our hotel, but Erick has excellent connections in Antigua and could have set up that trip for us. They also have afternoon events and you have free access to Wi-fi; I brought my lap-top (or the school has  their own computers you can use) for email communication.

Feel free to contact me if you would like more information. Cynthia and I took hundreds of pictures, ate great food and learned Spanish in a wonderful setting.

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The trip worked out wonderfully. When I arrived, the school director gave me a warm welcome. My teacher was also great, they were very friendly and taught me a lot. The two weeks flew by but I would definitely do the same trip again, maybe for a bit longer if I had more time!


Kylie Servante

Just wanted to give a review of CDM Spanish school where I learnt spanish for one week during September 2011. They are very professional and are at a great price.My teacher was Jacky and she was awesome and the other teacher who is awesome there is Aura!!!

Definitely recommend you to go and study with them if you are in Antigua!!