Therese Frederick, USA

I studied at ESO in July for two weeks. I was just beginning to feel that maybe I could learn Spanish when it was time to leave. But, there was an option to continue my education with the school – SKYPE…
I was assigned to the same teacher that I had when in Guatemala, Rosario. Thus began my classes via the internet and SKYPE. To date, I have had 30 two-hour lessons. We have not been able to use the video portion of SKYPE so our lessons are audio only, with the ability to type back and forth.
At first I thought it would be difficult to learn through audio only – but within five lessons I was comfortable. I aim for one to two lessons each week. The school has been great at working around my schedule. My teacher is as patient and kind as she was when I was at school. I receive a homework assignment after each class. It has been awesome.
I am a nurse, and am now able to have conversations with my Spanish-speaking patients. I am grateful for the modern technology that has allowed me to continue my lessons. I recommend SKYPE for anyone and everyone.